Resume of a manicure master

Manicure services have long gained popularity and do not lose relevance until now. No wonder, because well-groomed hands are a sign of a successful and confident person, regardless of their age and gender.

With the growing demand for such services, more and more manicure and pedicure salons are opening. In these circumstances, the paramount task for the novice master becomes a competent drawing up a nail technician resume, which will allow such a specialist to successfully occupy one of the many open vacancies.

Example of a resume: structure

Beginning the process of creating a job application, think through the sequence of sections in it. After all, the first thing a potential employer always pays attention to is the consistency and coherence of the structural parts of a nail technician resume. Use the following order of sections:

  • Title. In the first paragraph you will be required to state your full name and professional area of focus. Indicate in this section if you are willing to go on business trips, and indicate the schedule and salary level acceptable to you. Don't forget to write your email address and phone number for contact.
  • Personal information about the applicant. The second section of your nail technician resume is usually for information about the city you live in, your nationality, gender, and marital status.
  • A description of your work experience. If you have previously worked in any other nail salon, specify its full name and city in which it is located. A big plus for the positive consideration of your resume would be the fact that you are working with a world-renowned brand with a solid reputation.
  • Job duties. This section asks for a detailed description of the responsibilities you had in your previous job.

Duties of a master manicurist:

  • Providing clients with nail and hand care services (basic manicure,
    nail wrapping, hand massage, hot oil therapy, nail extension, etc.)
  • Examination and evaluation of the appearance of the nail plates;
  • sterilization and disinfection of manicure tools;
  • Observance of safety when carrying out manicure operations;
  • Providing clients with recommendations on the proper care of hands and nails.

Education. In this section you will need to specify the institution where you received vocational training, the place of its actual location, year of graduation and the specialty, which was awarded to you at the end of his studies.

Additional information. The final section will require you to list your professional and personal qualities that constitute a potential competitive advantage over other applicants.


Today's beauty industry is in dire need of highly skilled manicurists. Properly compiling a resume and including the necessary information will surely help you take one of such in-demand jobs today.